Boutique property fund manager with a team of industry veterans and proven track record in asset revitalization and optimization
  • Key subsidiary of Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited (“HKSHA”) founded by Andrew Yao in 2014, while HKSHA’s China real estate business was started in 2007
  • Focused strategy in value-added opportunities in core locations within the inner ring roads of Shanghai and Beijing
    • Integrated value add framework which involves re-positioning, re-development, re-leasing and refurbishment of commercial assets
  • Highly experienced and skilled team
    • Unparalleled proprietary deal sourcing capability established from the team’s good relationships with SOEs and the government
    • Integrated asset management team with track record of efficient and cost effective execution of complex repositioning plan



Value-add Strategy
Strategically targeting under-managed office space in CBD area
Shanghai and Beijing are two of the most affluent cities in China, maintaining a strong GDP outlook
Shanghai and Beijing have one of the best metro systems with great connectivity
HSL has long-term, deep relationship with local government and SOEs
Transitionary economy into the service industry nationwide, including the booming internet plus and financial services industries
Clear growing demand for quality office space
Off-market deal-sourcing capability
Value-add through localized execution and network of relationship
HSL has an experienced, integrated leasing and asset management team
Investment Criteria
  • CBD of Beijing and Shanghai
  • Along metro / good connectivity
  • Office-focused
  • Value add strategy and acquisition from SOE
Our Partners
In-depth knowledge of local policy in Shanghai and comprehensive understanding of SOE goals has enabled HSL Capital to build long-term cooperative relationships
Prior dealings & ongoing relationships
 logo_about_partners_cts.png   Acquired Central Park Putuo (Formerly CTS Building) and Park Lane (Formerly Metro Park) from CTS in 2013 and 2014
logo_about_partners_baosteel.png    Established a joint venture, BSC in 1993
logo_about_partners_electric.png    Acquired Central Park Pudong (Formerly Chuangyi Tower) from Shanghai Electric in 2015
logo_about_partners_jingancheng.png   Acquired Point Jing’an from Jing’an Urban Construction in 2007
Our Team
Outstanding personnel track record in China real estate
Andrew Yao
Executive Chairman
Hong Kong Deputy to the 12th National People’s Congress
Chairman of Hongkong-Shanghai Economic Development Association
Terence Chan
Chief Executive
Member of Shanghai Jing’an District Committee (Consultative Conference)
Anthony Ching
Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Mak
Managing Director of Property Division
Fellow member of The Royal Institution of Surveyors and Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, Member of China Institute of Appraiser
Amond Chun
Chief Development Officer
Member of Shanghai Chongming District Committee (Consultative Conference)
Director of Hongkong-Shanghai Economic Development Association